The Abandoned Village of Middlesex County

In the quiet town of Middlesex County, Connecticut, a group of friend YouTubers decided to explore an old abandoned village that was used as a filming location for the cult horror movie “Let’s Scare Jessica To Death” in 1971. The village, now partially collapsed, was said to be haunted and the group of friends wanted to capture the eerie atmosphere on camera for their channel.

The group consisted of five friends: Jack, the leader and the one behind the camera, Sarah, the co-host and the one who loved to tell scary stories, Mike, the jokester of the group, Lucy, the one who was always skeptical about the paranormal, and Tom, the newest member of the group.

As they entered the village, they felt a chill run down their spines. The place was abandoned, but it seemed like the inhabitants left in a hurry, leaving behind their personal belongings and even their furniture. The group started to explore the houses, one by one, and strange things started to happen.

The Houses of Terror

The first house they entered was a small, two-story building with a wrap-around porch. As they stepped inside, they heard a creaking sound coming from the floorboards. Sarah suggested they split up and explore different rooms. Jack, Mike, and Tom went upstairs while Sarah and Lucy stayed downstairs.

As Jack and Mike entered one of the bedrooms, they saw a rocking chair moving on its own. They thought it was just the wind, but then they heard a whispering sound coming from the corner of the room. They couldn’t make out what the voice was saying, but it sent chills down their spines. Tom, who was standing outside the room, saw a shadowy figure passing by the doorway. He called out to Jack and Mike, but when they turned to look, the figure was gone.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Lucy were exploring the kitchen when they heard a loud crash coming from the living room. They rushed in and saw a mirror shattered on the floor. As they looked around, they saw a figure standing in the corner of the room. It was a woman, dressed in a long, white gown, with long, flowing hair. She seemed to be staring right at them, but her eyes were completely black. Sarah and Lucy screamed and ran out of the house.

The group reconvened outside and decided to explore another house. This one was even more decrepit than the first, with broken windows and a collapsed roof. As they entered, they heard a strange, rhythmic sound coming from upstairs. They followed the sound and found a room with a strange, ancient-looking machine in the corner. The machine was making the sound, and as they looked closer, they saw that it was connected to a series of tubes and wires that led to the walls.

The Machine of Nightmares

As they tried to figure out what the machine was, they heard a loud, mechanical noise coming from outside. They rushed out of the house and saw a strange, metallic object hovering in the sky. It was a drone, but it didn’t look like any drone they had ever seen before. It had red, glowing eyes and it seemed to be watching them.

Suddenly, the drone flew towards them, its blades whirring menacingly. The group ran, but the drone followed them, its eyes fixed on them. They managed to lose it in the woods, but they knew it was still out there, watching them.

As night fell, the group decided to set up camp in one of the houses. They started to tell horror stories to spook each other, but little did they know, they were not alone. The figure they saw earlier appeared in front of them, and it was not human. It was something otherworldly, something terrifying.

Middlesex County: The Figure of Fear

The figure was tall and thin, with long, spindly limbs and glowing, red eyes. It seemed to be made of shadows, and it moved without making a sound. It stared at the group, its eyes fixed on them, and then it started to move towards them.

The group panicked and ran, but the figure followed them. They managed to escape the house, but the figure was still there, lurking in the shadows. They tried to lose it in the woods, but it seemed to know the village better than they did.
As they ran, the figure followed them, its eyes fixed on them. They tried to lose it in the woods, but it seemed to know the village better than they did. The figure moved with an unnatural grace, gliding over the underbrush without making a sound. The group stumbled and tripped, their hearts pounding in their chests.

Suddenly, they found themselves at the edge of a cliff. The figure stopped, and the group turned to face it. It stood there, tall and imposing, its eyes glowing with a malevolent light. The group was trapped, with no way to escape.

But then, something unexpected happened. The figure began to change, its form shifting and twisting until it took on the shape of a person they all knew. It was the face of the village’s former priest, Father O’Malley. He had disappeared mysteriously years ago, and his disappearance was one of the reasons the village was abandoned.

“Father O’Malley?” Sarah asked, her voice trembling.

The figure nodded, and in a voice that was both familiar and terrifying, it spoke.

“I have been watching you,” it said. “I have been waiting for someone to come and uncover the truth about this village. But you are not ready. You are all going to die.”

The figure raised its hand, and a bolt of lightning shot towards the group. They scattered, but the lightning followed them, striking one by one. The group fell to the ground, unconscious.

When they woke up, they found themselves back in their camp, with no sign of the figure. They were confused and disoriented, unsure if what they experienced was real or just a nightmare.

They decided to leave the village, but as they were leaving, they saw a figure standing in the distance. It was Father O’Malley, watching them with a cold, empty stare.

The group left the village, never looking back. They never spoke about their experience, unsure if anyone would believe them. But the memory of that night stayed with them, haunting their dreams and coloring their waking thoughts.

The village remained abandoned, a chilling reminder of the horrors that took place there. The legend of the village lived on, a haunting tale that would send shivers down the spine of anyone who dared to explore it.

And as for the group of friend YouTubers, they never went back to the village. They continued to make videos, but they never forgot the terror they experienced that night. They knew that some things are better left uncovered, some truths too horrifying to be revealed.

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