The Forest of Eternal Darkness

As we ventured into the Forest of Eternal Darkness, the trees seemed to close in around us, their branches like skeletal fingers reaching out to snare us. The air was heavy with the scent of decay and death, and Scarlett couldn’t shake the feeling that we were being watched by unseen eyes. Our group of friends had been warned not to enter this foreboding place, but we had to see it for ourselves. The Forest of Eternal Darkness was a legend, a place where the sun never shone and the darkness was said to be palpable. We had to know if the stories were true.

The Darkness Consumes

As we delved deeper into the forest, the shadows seemed to grow longer and darker, like living things. We stumbled upon an ancient ritual site, the symbols etched into the trees seeming to pulse with a malevolent energy. It was then that we heard the whispers, soft and seductive, drawing us deeper into the forest. One by one, our friends began to vanish, pulled into the darkness by some unseen force. We searched for them, but they were gone, consumed by the Forest of Eternal Darkness.

Sarah was the first to go, her screams echoing through the trees as she was dragged away. We found her later, her body cold and stiff, her eyes frozen in a permanent scream. The forest floor was slick with her blood, and Scarlett could feel the darkness closing in around us. We tried to flee, but the forest seemed to shift and twist, trapping us in its endless expanse. One by one, we fell, until only Scarlett was left.

Eternal Darkness Claims Another Soul

Scarlett stumbled through the forest, her heart pounding in her chest, as the darkness closed in around her. She could feel its presence, a cold and malevolent force that sought to consume her whole. And then, she saw it: a figure, tall and imposing, its face a twisted mockery of humanity. It reached out a hand and touched her face, and Scarlett felt the darkness flood through her, claiming her as its own. She was consumed, her soul trapped in the Forest of Eternal Darkness, forever doomed to roam its twisted paths. The last thing Scarlett heard was the sound of her own screams, echoing through the trees, as the forest claimed another soul.

The Forest of Eternal Darkness remained, waiting for its next victim, its secrets and horrors locked within its twisted heart. And Scarlett was just another soul, forever trapped in its eternal darkness.

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