Highway Ghost: The Highway Haunting

Highway 666 was notorious for its eerie silence and unexplained occurrences. People avoided driving on it at night, whispering tales of a vengeful spirit that roamed the desolate stretch. But Jack, a skeptical traveler, dismissed the warnings and embarked on his journey.

The Girl in White

As Jack drove, a figure appeared on the side of the road – a girl in a white dress, her face deathly pale. She raised her hand, and Jack, feeling an inexplicable chill, pulled over.

“Where are you headed?” Jack asked, trying to sound calm.

“The next town,” she replied, her voice barely audible.

” Hop in, I’ll give you a lift,” Jack offered, despite his reservations.

The Terrifying Ride

As they drove, strange occurrences began to unfold. The radio crackled with eerie whispers, and the GPS led them down a treacherous path. Jack’s unease grew, but the girl remained silent, her gaze fixed on the darkness outside.

“What’s going on?” Jack demanded, trying to keep his cool.

“You shouldn’t have come here,” she whispered, her eyes black as coal.

Suddenly, the car sputtered and died. Jack was trapped, alone with the sinister spirit.

The Desperate Escape

Jack tried to flee, but the doors were stuck, and the girl began to whisper an incantation. The air grew colder, and Jack’s breath visible. In a desperate bid to escape, he broke the window and sprinted into the night, the girl’s cackling echoing behind him.

Highway Ghost: The Final Confrontation

Exhausted and terrified, Jack stumbled into the next town, seeking refuge. But the girl awaited him, her eyes blazing with malevolence.

“You should have listened,” she hissed, her voice the last thing Jack heard.

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