The Last Broadcast

As Maya drove down the deserted highway, the GPS led her further away from civilization. She had heard whispers of an abandoned radio station deep in the woods, and she aimed to uncover its secrets. Her friends, Jake, Emily, and Matt, joined her on the adventure.

The trees grew taller and closer, casting long, ominous shadows. They finally arrived at the station, its crumbling structure a testament to time’s decay. The once-bright letters “WKRH” now hung crooked and faded, like a ghostly whisper.

The Broadcast

Maya cautiously entered, her footsteps echoing through the empty halls. Dust-covered equipment lined the rooms, and cobwebs clung to the walls like macabre tapestries. In the main studio, a lone console remained, its dials and switches rusted but still intact.

The Entity

As they continued to investigate, strange occurrences began to unfold. Equipment would move on its own, and disembodied whispers seemed to come from the shadows. They realized that the signal was not of this world, and the entity on the other end was trying to communicate with them.

One night, as they huddled around the console, the voice spoke clearly for the first time: “Welcome, mortals. I am the keeper of the broadcast. You should not have come here.”

The Last Transmission

Jake tried to respond, but his voice was drowned out by the entity’s menacing laughter. It began to taunt them, revealing their darkest secrets and fears. They knew then that they had to escape, but the station seemed to shift and change, making it impossible to find the exit.

The Last Broadcast

In a desperate bid to sever the entity’s hold, Emily destroyed the console and tape reel. But the signal persisted, now a cacophony of screams and wails that seemed to come from all directions.

The Legacy

As they frantically searched for a way out, the entity’s voice boomed once more: “You will never leave. You will become part of the broadcast.”

And with that, the lights flickered, and they were plunged into darkness. When they flickered back to life, they were gone, their screams forever trapped in the abyss of the Last Broadcast.

The abandoned radio station still stands, its signal a haunting reminder of the horrors that lurk beyond our world. Some say that on certain nights, when the moon is full and the woods are quiet, you can still hear their screams, echoing through the forest, a chilling reminder of the Last Broadcast.

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