Episode 1: The Introduction

Lix’s alarm buzzed at 6 AM, rousing him from a deep sleep. With a groggy but determined sigh, he rolled out of bed and started his day. His room was a testament to his dedication to fitness: posters of Muay Thai champions adorned the walls, and calisthenics equipment was neatly arranged in one corner. After a quick stretch, he headed outside to his makeshift gym in the backyard.

The early morning air was cool and refreshing as Lix began his workout. Push-ups, pull-ups, and intricate Muay Thai moves flowed seamlessly, his body moving with the precision of years of training. This routine was his sanctuary, a place where he felt completely in control. Outside the gym, however, it was a different story.

Later that morning, Lix made his way to a nearby café for a post-workout smoothie. As he stood in line, a friendly girl ahead of him turned around and smiled. “Hey, do you know if the smoothies here are good?” she asked.

Lix’s heart raced. “Uh… y-yeah, they’re… good,” he stammered, his usual confidence nowhere to be found. The girl smiled and turned back to the counter, leaving Lix to silently berate himself for his awkwardness.

Meanwhile, across town, Zara was having a different kind of morning. She sat in her living room with her closest friends, Scarlett, Emma, and Milly. Zara’s parents were keen on finding her a suitable match, and three proposals had recently come in.

“So, Zara, how many proposals are on the table now?” Scarlett asked, her tone teasing but supportive.

“Three,” Zara replied with a sigh. “My parents are really serious about this.”

“And they’ve already picked one for you?” Emma inquired.

“Yeah, his name is Lix. Apparently, he’s quite the fitness enthusiast.”

“That’s not a bad thing,” Milly chimed in. “At least he’ll be in shape!”

“True, but what if we have nothing in common?” Zara voiced her concern.

“You won’t know until you meet him. Who knows, he might surprise you,” Scarlett said encouragingly.

Zara’s mother entered the room, a warm smile on her face. “Zara, dear, Lix’s family is coming over this weekend. We thought it would be nice for you two to meet properly.”

“Sure, Mom. I’ll be ready,” Zara replied, her nerves kicking in.

At Lix’s home, dinner was a quiet affair until his father brought up the topic of the arranged marriage. “Lix, we’ve been discussing your future. Zara’s family is interested in meeting you this weekend.”

“This weekend? But… what if I mess up?” Lix’s anxiety was palpable.

“Just be yourself, Lix. Zara’s a lovely girl. We think you two could be a good match,” his mother reassured him.

Leo, Lix’s friend who was like a brother to him, grinned. “Don’t worry, man. You’ve got this. Just remember, confidence is key.”

“I’ll try…” Lix muttered, not entirely convinced.

The weekend arrived, and both families prepared for the meeting with a mix of excitement and nerves. Zara’s friends helped her pick out an outfit, offering words of encouragement.

“This dress looks perfect on you, Zara. You look stunning,” Scarlett said.

“Just be yourself. If he’s the right one, he’ll see how amazing you are,” Emma added.

“And if he doesn’t, then it’s his loss,” Milly finished with a reassuring smile.

Meanwhile, at Lix’s house, Leo was giving him a final pep talk. “Alright, Lix. Just remember, she’s probably just as nervous as you are. Show her who you really are, and everything will be fine.”

“Thanks, Leo. I’ll do my best,” Lix replied, taking a deep breath.

When both families gathered at Zara’s home, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation. Zara and Lix were introduced, and their parents suggested they take a walk in the garden to get to know each other.

The garden was lush and well-kept, a perfect setting for a first conversation. Zara took the lead, breaking the silence. “So, I heard you’re really into Muay Thai. That’s impressive. How did you get into it?”

Lix hesitated but managed to respond, “Uh, well… it helps me stay focused. I’ve been training for a few years now. What about you? What do you like to do?”

“I love reading and painting. It’s my way of relaxing,” Zara shared, hoping to find some common ground.

“That sounds nice. I’ve never been good at art, but I’d love to see your paintings sometime,” Lix said, a small smile breaking through his nervousness.

“Maybe I’ll show you one day. You know, you don’t have to be nervous. I’m just as new to this as you are,” Zara said, her tone kind and encouraging.

“Thanks, Zara. I’ll try to keep that in mind,” Lix replied, feeling a bit more at ease.

As they continued walking, the conversation flowed more naturally. Both Lix and Zara found themselves pleasantly surprised by the other’s company. By the end of the evening, they were both hopeful about the possibilities ahead.

After the families regrouped in the living room, Zara’s mother asked her daughter for her thoughts. “What did you think, Zara?”

“He’s nice. A bit shy, but I think he has a good heart,” Zara replied thoughtfully.

“And you, Lix?” his father asked.

“She’s great. I’d like to get to know her better,” Lix admitted.

Both families smiled, seeing the potential in this new relationship.

Later, as Zara chatted with her friends, she felt a mix of excitement and uncertainty. “It went better than I expected. He’s shy, but there’s something about him…”

“That sounds promising. Give it time. I’m sure you’ll find common ground,” Emma encouraged.

“And who knows, maybe this will turn into something beautiful,” Milly added.

Meanwhile, Lix confided in Leo. “It went better than I thought. Zara’s really nice. I think… I think I want to see where this goes.”

“That’s the spirit! Just keep being yourself,” Leo said, clapping his friend on the back.

As the night wore on, both Lix and Zara lay in their respective beds, reflecting on the day’s events. There was a sense of hopeful anticipation for what was to come, the first step on a journey that would test their hearts and challenge their fears.

Little did they know, this was just the beginning of their story.

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